Restorative Yoga

Cover of Restorative Yoga at Home Booklet by Megan SetyRestorative yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for stress relief, insomnia and managing chronic pain. This form of yoga uses passive resting postures to let the body gently and slowly release tension. Bolsters and blankets are used to support your body so it's comfortable to rest in the postures for more time.


Try my weekly restorative yoga classes on Monday at 7pm at HealthFit Collective (in the old overseas terminal on the Wellington waterfront). Book your class.I also run workshops and specialty restorative sessions at Urban Yoga.

Restorative Yoga at Home booklet

This booklet is an introductory guide to restorative yoga poses. It includes 12 common restorative poses. Each pose has a photograph, step-by-step directions, how long to stay in a pose and how to move out of the pose. There are suggestions on how to modify or change the position for your body, and when not to try a pose.

Bound booklet ~ $15 plus shipping
sample page from restorative yoga at home The print copy is black and white with A4 size for easy reading. It's spiral bound so you can easily leave the book open to a page while you try the pose. Order your hard copy now while supplies last. Shipping is $3 anywhere in New Zealand and $5 all other countries.

PDF Download ~ $10
Prefer to view it on your tablet? Pay just $10 for a downloadable PDF sent by email. Best viewed on a tablet or printed. Not designed for mobile phones.

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