Yoga for Trampers

No class 25 October 2017

Wednesdays @5:45pm

Held at TTC Hall, 4 Moncrieff Street, Mt Victoria
$12 per class casual, 5 and 10 trip passes available
*Occasionally the venue is not available. Check my facebook page or sign-up to receive emails when the venue changes.

Yoga for Trampers in Wilderness Magazine with author and yoga instructor Megan Sety As an active tramper and rock climber, yoga has been essential for me in avoiding injuries and keeping up on challenging trips. Yoga can improve your balance when crossing rocky streams or stumbling down the track full of tree roots. Stronger legs make it (a little) easier to climb big hills. It's also a chance to stretch and relax muscles.

The classes are laid-back and fun. We focus on strength and mobility without wild poses or heaps of sweating. You can expect a different class each week.

Feel free to come along even if you have never done yoga.

The details:

  • If you are coming for the first time, please bring a completed new student form (PDF) with you.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that are not too loose. Longer shorts or trousers work best instead of shorts. Yoga is practiced in bare feet – no socks or shoes.
  • Bring a yoga mat if you have one (thermarest and foam sleeping pads won't do). There are spare yoga mats available.
  • The classes start at 5:45pm. Please arrive a few minutes early.
  • Toilets and changing rooms are available.
  • It's best to have dinner after the class.
  • Pay cash at the door or online bank transfer to bank account# 01-1838-0119413-03
  • No booking required.
  • Contact me if you have questions or if you have injuries and aren't sure about attending.

Where to find the classes:

Classes are held in the TTC (Tararua Tramping Club) Hall on 4 Moncrieff Street in Mt Victoria