Where I teach

I offer regular weekly classes, private sessions, workshops and courses in several locations in Wellington.

Weekly Classes

Monday 7pm ~ Restorative yoga @HealthFit Collective, Clyde Quay Wharf on the waterfront

Tuesday 12:30pm ~ Vinyasa flow @HealthFit Collective, Clyde Quay Wharf on the waterfront

Wednesday 5:45pm ~ Yoga for Trampers @TTC Hall, 4 Moncrieff Street, Mt Victoria

Friday 7:15am ~ Vinyasa flow @Level 1, 14 Blair Street, Mt Victoria

Workplace Yoga

I can provide yoga classes onsite at your workplace and designed to meet the specific needs of your group. This could be a one-off workshop, weekly classes or an introductory package. Contact me for more details.

Private one-to-one sessions

Private sessions are great way to focus on yoga that is specific to your body. You might be interested in:

  • A personalised plan for home yoga practice.
  • Trying yoga for the first time and feeling more comfortable without the pressure of following along in a group class.
  • Getting back to a regular exercise and yoga routine after a long break.
  • Learning how to adapt poses for your body whether it's because of injuries, aches & pains, or other health issues.
  • Or just because it would be fun!

You can book just one session or as many as you like. I can come to your office or home in the Wellington CBD, or you can visit me at HealthFit Collective. If you want to know if a private session is right for you, just get in touch.

Yoga for Trampers

Megan in restorative matysasana
Restorative yoga

Yoga workshop